Fear and Loathing


Fear and Loathing

I saw you the other day.
Not surprised you ignored me.
But how can I forget you?

How can I forget you?
You made me believe,
You made me whole.

All the while you took.
And took and took and took.
Was it really worth the cost?

Decades later and seeing you.
It made me sick, I was scared.
Even though I shouldn't be.

How can it be? I am a man.
Not the boy I was anymore.
And still, I am scared by you.

Still feel you on me.
Taste the poison you fed me.
Feel the horror you left me with.

Do you know I can't sleep?
Do you know you still visit me?
Do you know I have your hands on me even now?

Why did you do this?
And how can you ignore me?
Didn't you love me once?

Ah, no, you didn't love me.
Just told me you did.
It just hurts that I believed.

Well, I am still here
despite it all, despite everything.
And I'm walking away from you.

Even though I'm still afraid.