Father's Day for the fatherless.

Father to the fatherless, defender of widows— this is God, whose dwelling is holy.
Psalms 68:5 NLT

Every year at this time, I reflect on both the Negative Father-Figures and the Positive Father-Figures in my life. Both groups helped to shape me, for good or bad, into the man and father to my now-adult hidden.

  • perp-father,
  • Step-father #1,
  • Minister-perp
  • Most of the pastors (and male church leaders) I have had over the years,
  • Several Christian Youth Group Leaders (when I was in high school & college)
  • Fred Rogers aka Mister Rogers (he taught me a lot!)
  • My paternal Grandfather.
  • Stepfather #2 (started dating my mom while I was in college; even though he didn't raise me, he was still a part of my life)
  • My best friend in middle school & high school: I was a lost, lonely introvert with a new stepdad who hated me. His friendship kept me going during those dark years.
All of these POSITIVE examples ended up showing me how to relate to God as my Heavenly Father and become a good, loving father to my own kids.