Experiences with the Safe Helpline


Any of you ever called/chatted with someone there?

I've had pretty mixed experiences, the last one I had was very good, the person I was chatting with was very respectful and helped me figure out what I needed in the moment instead of just trying to pass me and my trauma off to the next person. I've genuinely felt a lot better after that conversation.
One time I had someone on the chat line who didn't really interact with anything I said and just rattled off "affirming" phrases, another time it was someone who I ended up comforting about the fact that homophobia exists which was a wild dang ride.
I've had one person become super rude after disclosing I was a male survivor but I'm pretty sure that was an outlier.

To be fair, I don't know how different things are when you call in, I vastly prefer the chat function.

What's everyone else's experience been like?


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I think the only reason I remained on this site was the chat function. truthfully at first it was the only thing I could figure out in my panic. I was TERRIFIED. I had come to the site many times before that and left. I was no way prepared to face this thing and yet I was running/ had run, out of options. I had tried pretty much everything I felt I could try and nothing made it better. I still thought I was all alone with my weird thinking and quirky behavior but I knew I had been abused, at least the last instance remained VERY clear so I thought I would try one more thing.

Had I had to call someone or talk to them I know the risk would have been WAY too much for me. no matter who or what they might have to say. I would have assumed they could track the call somehow, or they would ask me for personal information ( they always did before) and so I just hang up or click off the site. Chat here was anonymous. and the people were just people Like myself. No "experts" no "therapists" and I learned a LOT just from people who "get it" yea chat is the only way far as I am concerned
I attempted to make a call to a helpline numerous times. The issue was me…I couldn’t complete the call or I couldn’t wait on hold. I kept going back because it was what my safety plan suggested, and I was in crisis. So one night afte4 several attempts I was connected with a person, a guy (just my luck) and I say, “Hi, my name is Rick and I need help regarding suicidal thoughts that I am having”. He says, “that’s not your real name, is it?” I tell him yes and therein an argument begins regarding me using my name. I told him to pretend that Rick is not my name, but that was not an option. I was so flustered and shocked, he suggested that I hang up because he said he could tell I was probably not comfortable. Our call ended. I was more upset and furious than ever.

Another time I called a crisis center seeking a therapist and meekly explained to the person who answered the phone that I needed help, that I was a childhood survivor of rape and she said, “we only assist the victims here”. I was too stunned and embarrassed to say another word and hung up.
Chat is nearly impossible for me.

Helplines remain in my list of options in my safety plan but I can not imagine calling one again. One good experience could change that, and this post made me realize that maybe I should call when not in crisis in order to have a better experience. I have something to work on. Thanks for the post, it made me think.