Evolution cannot exist,

by it's own definition, it should have become something else!


I think about this subject a lot. I am degreed in biology. But I don't see that evolution as it's conceived of is a powerful enough engine to make a species change into another. Small changes yes. Of course there are entire books written on this subject but not here, not now.

For example. It has been taught for many decades that birds came from dinosaurs. But the most recent digs indicate that the birds originally had 4 wings. So do they have to change this now and say they came from dragonflies? (of course I'm being sarcastic). Isn't the problem twice as formidable if they had to get 4 wings?


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Nice Sam :)

Allen, it is true that we learned that about birds and as I know later findings put them older than some previously thought their ancestors.
In any case whenever I see bunch of sparrows, chasing, fighting, playing even like wrestling I can't stop imagining some reptilian creatures hidden under feathers, lol.

Birds from dragonflies? Hm, that simply cannot be, birds taste terrible, dragonflies are delicious! Hee hee.