Every Day Mindfulness

Strive 38/11

My mindfulness mission at present is to put a smile on my face and think happy as much as i can during my day. especially when i walk the dog, which seems a favourite time for my mind to be a slave to random thoughts.

I have just arrived to this BBB and I seek only mindful engagements where the person not the person defined by their trauma to be present. This is a form of gratitude and respect that come from practicing mindfulness as a group or a community.

Strive 38/11
I seem to have a problem with my ability to be mindful when I am traumatized. I cant do the meditation. I can't and don't want to feel. I would rather just sit and let things settle but in reality they don't they swirl in to a storm that cuts me up. I act out I can't think I can only run, run from this place. If any one can chime in that would be appreciated.
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cuddling with the cat.
soaking up the sun.
chatting with the children.
listening to the laughter.
mindful of the beauty.
mindful of the time.
mindful of the moments.


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bluesky said:
I seem to have a problem with my ability to be mindful when I am traumatized. I cans do the meditation. I can't and don't want to feel.
Sorry Bluesky No insight here. I am the same. This thread helps when I am not already swirling but when I swirl in emotion I flee often to acting out and find myself not breathing or shallow panting instead of the deep releasing breaths I need. How to remember? How to remind self?
So hard to be present with fear, with pain, with memories.
I sit. I breathe. I listen to the helpful music. I breathe. I ground myself. Then I realize I am late or something hasn't gotten done (a lot of that lately...doing not much) and I rise up and go into my life mode which has nothing to do with what I've just been practicing. Talking to and listening to people I am able to be more mindful. Alone, the stress is overwhelming. I cried this morning. That helped.
I replied to this post but nothing I write makes it up to the board. I'm giving up on this forum, top[ics, post thing. Just making me feel stupid, angry and very uncentered.
bluesky said:
Thanks VV for posting this it's the small things that count so much.
I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety the last few weeks. My practice of medetation and mindfulness was like a lost art but with focused self compassion I have unearthed this treasure that I buried with my pain. It was through the simple things that I found my way back.
My children's smilles, flowers in a vase, a good meal, the kind touch of my wife and just giving my self the space I needed to heal and let things be.
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I had a major trigger this passt Saturday in the past when I would have this type of situation there was only one out come a spiral of pain and anger followed by ether acting out or just riding the flash backs and night mares. This time however was different I was in pain my head was swimming the flash backs started the anger kicked in. But then I took a breath there was a pause and then there was a choice which way do I want to travel down in to the spiral of pain or just feel the pain and stay in the here and now with out dealing and inner drama. I also observed that the pull to this spiral of pain was do to my need to say I'm in pain and don't ignore me! If you move on no one will take care of you not even my self. But I realized that my self compassion is the true care that I need to give my self. I feel that the practice of mindfulness has enabled me to make this dramatic change in my respnce to triggers and stress and the love of thoughs around me. Thanks!
Its been a long wile since I have posted on this thread. Since I have started it I us mindfulness in many ways. Mindful living has made it possible for me to engage and interact in the world. A lot has happened in the few years and mindful breathing, yoga, walking, talking and just being has brought me through.
Keep the present in focus.
I learned about mindfulness, not at my WoR, but working DBT. It has been crucial to my recovery for the last four years. It works, along with other skills, to quiet the mind and focus on the now. Thank you for starting this thread.


mindful of a full mind. just the joy of thinking.
pondering and wondering and wandering through my thoughts.
i am content with my contents.