End of an Era

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Hi Y'all,

My mother (my primary abuser) is finally recognizing that there were events in my childhood in which she participated quite strongly that were potentially traumatic for me and contributing to my current health issues. She also realizes that it would have been better if things had been done differently. She was willing to keep her mind open to other potential sources of trauma in my youth (she doesn't recognize the sexualization of my youth by her at all) and to keep her eyes open for avenues through which to pursue my continued healing.

This is a big change for me. It feels like my emotional needs are finally being given some importance in my birth family. It comes on the heels of my withdrawing from Fawning behaviours with my mother. I suspect this played a role.

I'm feeling kind of sad and low on energy. I guess I'm grieving the loss of a purpose I've held for so long. Now I have to find a way to continue to heal my body and my relationships to the broader community and women in particular.


Not open for further replies.