Drinking is Not helping.


:mad: Look into a mirror,
whom do you see?
If you don't take
care of that person,
no-one else will.
Self-medicating is not what,
any-one every told me,
would help.
I'm sorry that any-one
get's hurt, but I'm not allowing
me to stay a victim.
If one can-not find away,
to help, then get help,
but don't seat down,
and cry over and over,
get up and do what it
12 step program dosen't cost
any money for recovery.
Just admitting we are powerless,
is the first big step.
It's not easy with this,
at first, doing something
for one-self, is being powerless.
and that includes not drinking,
for any reason.
Many of us became to know drinking,
for other reasons, to begain with.
fmighell Anc Ak :mad:

Brian B14


I sounds like you are haveing a difficult time. I will be thinking about you and will say a prayer for you. You are not alone.

be strong,




drinking and drugs never really did a whole lot of helpful things for me either, just kinda drained my bank account and gave me a lot of headaches that i did not need on top of a bunch that were already there.

I quit everything some 22 years ago, i like things better without them.

I be thinking good thoughts about you.