Double standard

An employee was telling me this morning that a girl was observed smacking her high school son on the butt and the incident was reported to the principal. The principal told her son that the girl will be reprimanded but that if the incident had been reversed he would be in a lot more trouble than the girl will be.
This is, by the way, what we're teaching our sons - that their bodies are worth less than a girl's body, and that only a girl's consent is meaningful.

If this had been my son, I would have read that principal the riot act. Shameful.


I think you have to take the physicality of the situation and the cultural part too. A man or a boy does not hit a girl or a woman, its not accepted, the reason being he is much more powerful and stronger, usually. I mean if I hit a woman on the butt she would go flying, if she hit me, she would have a sore hand. But this is the physical reason why men don't hit woman, bigger stringer can do more damage.

The part that I feel is offensive, is when I girl or woman knows you cant hit back, and they take advantage of that and ht you. If this is done pubicly, I think its more that they are trying to embarrass the guy, or get his attention. In my highscool when this happened the girl was in love with the guy so she would hit him, and get his attention. She will also do this if she is mad at him too which can be confusing, When this happened usually in the cafeteria she would get punished like stay after school.

Now you are right, flip the situation around and I saw a couple of guys get suspended or minimum get his parents in for a chat. There is a huge double standard, girls hit because they have a crush on a guy or are pissed off at him. I never knew a guy to hit a girl because he liked her. In the subway I have seen so many incidents of a girl smacking a guy versus the other way around, no one ever steps in and tries to protect or intervene ion the guys behalf, most people just laugh, no one laughs the other way around.

What we should be teaching at an early age is that we need to respect each others boundaries and never lay a hand on anyone. And yes the punishment should be the same, that is how kids learn.

A sidenote, I have been to France a bunch of times, those people are slap happy, I saw it in restaurants, parks metro, in lines, in stores, over there I saw so many couples slapping each other, and no one from the crowd tried to help either the man or the woman, but this was Paris, not in any small towns I was in.