Disney's The Aristocats - *Trigger Warning* (Seriously)

Disney’s The Aristocats - released December 1970 - Plot: A rich, old heiress has no children, but updates her will so all her money goes to her cat and her three kittens and their care. If the cats were to die, the money would go to her Butler. The greedy butler plans to kidnap the 4 cats in hopes of gaining the money. He puts sleeping medicine in their food, then after they fall asleep, he kidnaps them in basket, tied to his motorcycle. One of the kittens wakes up a bit during the bumpy road trip, looks around, then falls back to sleep. The butler wanted to kill the kittens, but (due to mishaps) loses the basket and then drives away. When the 4 wake up, the boy kitten starts to remember that it was the butler. He isn’t believed at first. Eventually, he is proven correct.

We went to see this movie when it first came out - December 1970. We went downtown, big old-fashioned movie house with the lettering “The Aristocats” in bright red letters on the marquee. My mom, my two sisters, and me. This was one of my favorite memories growing up.

Not sure where my father was. Maybe he dropped us off and picked us up. Maybe we took the bus. I do not remember him being there.

The story always fascinated me. Something very bad happened. The boy wasn’t believed, but he saw the truth.

My “trafficking” event(s) (link goes to the paid-members-only section) most likely started the summer before - Summer 1970. I was 6. (I was sedated, then taken to the "Trafficking" venue.) I didn’t actually start remembering this specific CSA until this year (2019).

I knew. I was only 6, but deep down I knew. In the deepest places in my heart I knew. Something bad happened to me - and no one would believe me - just like the boy kitten.


((((((((((((( NC )))))))))))))))

Realizations from long ago can go on for years.
because I was so small a lot of my memories were based on 'sensations'.
The smell of Old Spice was a huge one.

I really think I'm done. I can't imagine anything else coming to mind after all these years ... but you never can tell.

I'm really glad you have found validation ... that you remembered correctly.
Hey NC

I have a problem with the age of 6. Please go slowly with your memories. I can explain my side but .....