I was born male. However, I was not born to be what is described in American culture as "masculine" and that is and always was beyond my control, that is just who I am and there is nothing wrong with me.
I am more sensitive (in my experience) than most men
I am not athletic or interested in sports. I do enjoy swimming though....
I am not, by nature, aggressive. I am passive and I think sometimes too passive. But, if backed into a corner, I can either become aggressive or can fight for the strength and courage to stand up for myself.
I always have always felt like an outsider, as being excluded, especially an outsider to other male groups or cliques.

= Homosexual lifestyle Not lived (because I restrain myself due to my love for my wife and family)
Your description pretty much describes my experience. I have never liked sports, I'm passive, sensitive and I feel like an outsider (especially among men).


I'm not one of the men and most of my ? What IDK, stuff? Is from trying to be that. I'm not.

But I had to forgive myself and the therapist taught me and I learned how just a little, enough to survive I guess because I'm here.
Nature versus nurture, right? It is probably pretty safe to say that we come in many shapes and sizes with a wide range of behaviors deeply impacted by our experiences in life. Certainly children raised in violent and sexually provocative environments will be affected by the experience in myriad ways. We know that simply because we read the posts on this website. I'm of the opinion that it is impossible to make definitive statements about either sexual orientation or gender identity before we've come to terms with our traumatic past. It is too easy for the residue of trauma to shape our beliefs. As we do that it becomes easier for us to explore who we are in the present moment and then all bets are off. Where we land in terms of identity in all its facets is simply the adventure of our lives. How exciting to live no longer trapped in trauma... we let the past be the past while we celebrate being who we are right now. I vote for healing and for living in the present moment. Of course, healing is hard work and it isn't always easy to release the past. But that is what we're all doing here. I'm grateful for that fact.