Dear Big Sis


I looked up to were the oldest
I remembered you taking me ice-skating
I was 3 you were 13 and i held your hand
as we went around the rink
The nights of hide-n-seek were fun
all the teenagers in the neighborhood
you would always take me to hide with you
you made me feel important...I idolized you

I wanted to be like you
and always wanted to make you happy
Then the unthinkable happened......
You took all that trust and admiration
and turned it into something horrid
Now i see you for what you are
I will never ever trust you again


I know what you mean...

My big sister always protected me when I was little.
She always help me w/ all the little problems I had when I was younger.
Then she did something to me I wish she never did...
now she one of my abusers.....