Dark Web Child Abuse Image Site Taken Down

This goes on and on with digital images easily copied and hidden... but this is good news...



The evil will always find a way. As someone I once knew told me - "plants that cannot bloom by day must flourish in the night."

Darren White

Staff member
I'm not surprised at those numbers. But every site taken down is a little victory. I never give up hope.
I'm not surprised by the number either. Yes, it saddens me and the more time I spend here the deeper the grief. We all deserve better than that, and yet we see evidence around the world that human life is not always valued highly... famine, wars, exploitation in myriad ways. The best we can do is to continue telling the truth in the hope that people will open their eyes to the scope of the problem and take action. You're right Darren, we should never give up hope.