Daily Routine


I'm looking for an example of a daily routine. I looked up a few for people in sobriety programs but wanted to ask this group for suggestions. I struggle with feeling overwhelmed with completing things without stress


I do not have a daily routine example, and this depends on who you live with, what kind of job you have, where you live, your own health conditions and so...

But I have some simple actions that I took and I try to keep them consistently. They have been really helpful, for example, in terms of managing my stress:

- take care of my sleep (establishing time and comfortable conditions)
- watch my diet (no need to become a healthy food freak)
- doing some exercise (no need to become a professional marathonist)
- control my internet/phone use (no phone in bed, for example, and other rules)
- taking time to simply be quiet
- taking some time to interact and simply be free with people I like
- doing things I like, doing simply to enjoy, not for work
- taking safe and natural supplements to support my health
- attending proper support to address my mental health issues

With time, I could start to see the difference, and they support my well being in general. Even though is limited support, is a significant one.
Dealing with trauma and not having a healthy routine would be too much for me, for example.


Thanks. A part of me wants structure that I have to maintain. This is a good list and I will try to incorporate the suggestions.


I love @BMB list!
I crave structure and am a creature of deeply rooted habits. I "became" a fitness enthusiast about 25 years ago. At that time I went to the gym early to not be seen. I've gotten my workout in practically everyday since. I found that if I don't take the time, the rest of the day flitters away from me as well.
I had to take control and put together a routine. I started with sleep tried many things:

-something that is helping is a sleep schedule a bed time and a get up time. I try to keep it within half an hour of the times.

- I also started to put regular exercise into my routine, when I get up I get dress and take my pills and go for a walk.

- On return I harvest my breakfast from the garden and then water everything

-Then I have breakfast do my dishes, check internet and go back out to the garden

- at noon I get ready to go to town for and easy walk on a paved path

- I am usually finish for the day when I get home I spend time on the internet and have something to eat

-then after it gets dark I go and sit in the garden and play fetch with my dog and watch the stars for awhile.

-bed time

I try to stick with it as much as possible. But thing do vary some I try to keep my sleep schedule times and that really seem to help.

Thanks for this thread Uptoone


This is interesting!

My daily routine isn't going to be of any use to you because I live in a rural area and reading about taking care of animals, etc. isn't likely to help, but I had a few thoughts.

Like Esterio & BMB said, sleep routine is important to me. I try to get up at about the same time every morning, though that varies between summer & winter (takes longer to do barn chores in winter) and get up early enough so that I don't have to rush. I love that first part of the morning -- coffee, a book, peace & quiet and waking up slowly.... An evening routine helps me unwind.... I don't watch TV etc., but about a half hour before bed, I like to be done with a shower, in my pj's, settle down in my easy chair with only the light I need and read and have it quiet so my mind can start to relax.

As for getting things done? I rely on lists. I make a weekly "things to do" and include the normal routine things I'd typically do in a week as well as anything extra. Not only do I tend to get things done without overlooking anything, I love the satisfaction of crossing things out. Some people might find a long list overwhelming, but I look at it as I have all week to do whatever is on there and I find that by the time the end of the week rolls around, I have time leftover to relax.

Anyhow.... that's just my thoughts and my experience.


Thanks everyone! While reading this thread I realized that it is the anxiety of the day that I fear. Fear of the unknown and of whether I can handle the known things. I also have great anxiety over expectations (real or assumed) and failure.This leads to delays in sleeping and starting my day.
"Anxiety the Mighty" it may help you understand anxiety and its relations to your day. I have found some good reading there. It was the first place I went looking for help. "https://themighty.com/anxiety/" Been awhile since I went there maybe a good time for me to go back there as well.