Crazy or Not?

What we deal with is so overwhelming as much as the abuse was as it happened. No time or distance has lessened its hold or level of trauma until we look at it. The thing is when we start to look at it and react as anyone would to the trauma and abuse we start to think we are crazy, losing it, having a psychotic split.

What I have heard over and over from therapist and psychiatrist is that crazy people don't know they are crazy they have no relationship to the tangible moment of now. If we are questioning our sanity then we are very much not crazy just trying to figure out the best course through this mind field of emotional pain.

As Sheldon, from the big bang theory, always sad, "I'm not crazy, my mama had me tested."

We are not alone
Wise Wise Words FA. I'm glad you are stating the truth so clearly.

I saw your signature "forever broken" - Whenever I feel that way, like I can never be useful no matter how the broken shards are arranged, I remember Kintsugi the Japanese craft that creates beauty from brokenness. This is but one example that gives me continued hope: