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I have had a very screwed up life. With being abuse sexually starting at the age of about 6 going until 17. and acting out about it until the age of 31. Adding to it having Klinefelter Syndrome, and Being Adopted. This all started one morning while watching TV at my new home a few years ago during the summer 2017. I was watch the Morning News the TODAY show it was about 730am And they said something like stay with us As we will be speaking soon with one of the 3 charter for the new movie "3 identical strangers" about adopted 3 boys. My ears toned in. Since I was adopted anything about adoption I listen to. The show went to a commercial and I waited for it to come back.

When it finally returned, they talked about the news and soon enough when and interview a nice Man who was in his late 50's a few years older then me. He talks about This movie that is about to come out in the move theatre in 2 days July 25th. On this mans birthday. I think his names Is Tom. He explains That when he was 18 He decided to go to Duchess Community College They have dorms, He grow up in Scarsdale in Westchester county NY, He go went to college for 2 years,. When he arrived and made his way to the dorms, many people stopped along the way and said to Hi David How are you I though you not coming back this year. and Each time he said I am not David I am Tom. Finally he made it to his dorm room. Knock on the room and went in his new room mate said hi David and he Said I am not David I am Tom. What going on here. So his room Mates him if he was adopted he said Yes, was his birthday July 25th he said yes he said hold on quickly went next door and brought the guy next door out and said does he look David and he said Yes. He then Ask Tom can we go for a joy ride to Long Island Tom said yes sure if it fixes the mix up. They drove to long Island and arrived at 1am. They have proof this happened since they got a speeding ticket on the way. When they arrived David opened the door and his twin was standing in the door way.

I still cry telling the story to anyone who is adopted a dream to find a sibling let alone a twin. Well to go on. This was in 1981 with in days they the were on Phil Douhua Show, and other talk show in all the news papers local and national. A lady In queens who Had the NY Post turn to her son Mike and says look you are on the front page. They were not twins they were triples. Wow I could not believe it myself but they was a movie made not just about them and their story but about what happened and why they were divided at birth.

Next they start to explain about what happened That it was an experiment that the Louise and Wise adoption agency Psychiatrist was to see if life is nature or nurture. Is who we become based on how we are born or how were are raised. and you can only do this with twins or triples. So he took 6 twins and 4 triples and divided them at birth set them to different homes and watch them over 10 years. My mouth hit the floor. The same adoption agency I was placed with. The same Psychiatrist That I saw in different parts of my life. The more I listen to this story on the news the more I related to it.

Mike went on to explain That he called the adoption agency when in was in his twenty to try find out more things about his past and got no where other then was told that the clinic were he was born on Staten Island was closed in 1965. ran out of funding. Wow my mouth hit the floor again . I also called in the early 2000's when the adaption agency was still in business they have since closed. And asked about my past. They asked me where I was born, when I was born. 1964 Staten Island NYC, and the Lady said "OH your one of those babies" When I asked what do you mean by tat there was a paws then a quick answer the Clinic closed they ran out of funding in 1965. Actual it meant I could have been one of the twins or triples. The clinic is were the experiment was from. 1000 babies came from all teens were run away A no question clinic. Many twins babies were only one baby made it.

It seems they sent a scribe and a recorder or film crew into the homes to record progress of the childred of the twins and triples each year for 10 years. and I remember some of it. I remember tests they gave like IQ tests so many times I remember the answers. That Psychiatrist Sent me to DR. F who is the one I told about I need more help about the fires who did not help me until I got arrested and then claimed he knew nothing about it. I was 17 at the time.

I did see the movie 3 times twice myself and once with my husband. If you have not seen the movie rent it and see it it worth it. In my case it makes me real wonder was I apart of the study or nor and in order to find out I have to get a court to prove it. The names and results are lock up in a college safe until 2099 I think at Harvard? What other kind of abuse can there be in my life? Today 56 years ago I was adopted June 10th 1965.
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