Common Abbreviations


I suggest a sticky with all of the abbreviations used on the board to be explained in one place. I have seen DH, DID,WOR, and many others I do not understand. A clear glossary would ease some confusion.
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king tut

Yeah we have been trying to get that done for ages, there are a few threads like this one where members have contributed abbreviations but i don't think it was ever stickied.

DH- i think is dear husband or darling husband
WoR- is Weekend of Recovery- the weekends help by the malesurvivor organisation.
DID- is dissociative identity disorder
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If someone will collect these all in one place, perhaps compile the list various users post here and PM it to me, I'll see what I can do about getting them posted in a conspicuous place for folks to refer to.

king tut

I had a quick look, stole and compiled these from other threads on this topic.

Common discussion board abbreviations:

MS- MaleSurvivor
T- Therapist
CSA- Child (or Childhood) Sexual Abuse
SA = Sexual Abuse
MB- masturbation
P&M = Porn and Masturbation
(((user name))) = Hugs
imo = In my opinion
imho = in my humble opinion
lol = laughing out loud
LOL = REALLY laughing out loud
roflmao = rolling on floor laughing my ass off
pdoc - Psychiatrist (not common usage)
PM- Private Message
DH- dear husband or darling husband
WoR- Weekend of Recovery- the weekends help by the malesurvivor organisation.
DID- Dissociative Identity Disorder
PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Common chat abbreviations:

IRL = In Real Life
wb = welcome back
brb = be right back
ty = thank you
yw = your welcome
hb = hurry back
WTF- What The F#%*
bbiab - be back in a bit

Personally i think the best way to learn what they mean is just by asknig instead of looking through a list. But still a stickied list would be good for those who don't want to ask.

If people could add things for John to process that would be helpful.

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dark empathy

I certainly remember posting one of these question threads previously myself.

Both to add to Walking South's list, and hopefully help out Sedanman and anyone else reading this I'll add some more I've noticed in use.

Bf/gf = boyfriend or girlfriend.

So=significant other (wife, husband, partner, or whatever).

yo = years old for example 12 yo = talking about a twelve year old.

;D = grin.

Meds = medication.

hth = hope this helps.

well, ----- hth.
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I feel kinda stupid but is SSA mean Same Sex Abuse or what? I've read some writings here and can't really figure it out?
SSA = in the context of this site would more than likely be Same Sex Attraction.
MKP Mankind Project
NWTA New Warrior Training Adventure
ASA Adult Sexual Abuse
DS Dear Son
DD Dear Daughter
DW Dear Wife
OSA Opposite Sex Attraction
BPD Borderline Personality Disorder
KS Ken Singer
ML Mike Lew
VNL Victims No Longer
PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
cPTSD Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
Mod Moderator of the website content
Site Admin Site Administrator
WoC Web Oversite Committee
Bi BiSexual
LGBT Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual
Trans Transexual
NYC New York Conference MaleSurvivor
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Thanks for all of the above definitions. I came here to suggest this very thing and lo and behold!

C. E.

Staff member
[size:20pt]W[/size]hat is BDSM?

C. E.

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Beautiful Days and Sunny Mornings?


LGBT -- the T is for transexual not transvestite. same with the shortened form "trans."

BD/SM bondage & Discipline, sado-Masochism
Thanks for the clarification, Max, it has been so changed.

May I add:
SPS Sensory Perception Sensitivity
HSP Highly Sensitive Personality
SIA Surivors of Incest Anonymous
MSASGF Male Sexual Abuse Support Group Facilitator
SAC Spiritual Advisory Counselor
LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker
RT Round Table-Live chat support group in MaleSurvivor Chat
HC Healing Circle-Live chat support group in MaleSurvivor Chat
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Wow the list goes On and On and On and On ..... LOL
LOL laugh out loud for those who don't speak american chat :)


Thank you all for this.

I will be turning 50 this year, these abbreviations are mostly new to me, like the tweet, sms and BBM languages.

Can these all be kept in one place for easy reference - how do we ask the powers to be.

What is a UBB buddy?
Hello Jozi,

You can ask in the Discussion Board forum for this topic to be made a "Sticky", that is that this topic about abbreviations always be available on the top of the screen when viewing this forum.

A "UBB Buddy" is a quick link to that person's profile. Clicking on that link allows instant access to the profile, the person's UBB Buddies, and the ability to PM the user. It is a shortcut to that user instead of trying to search for user's that are frequented.



Thanks for the explanation