Coming clean to my wife

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After a couple years with my T. Which really started as marriage counseling. My abuse come to the surface. About 6 months ago
I come clean to my wife. The shame and guilt
was heavy.
I was scared as hell! My heart was pounding
out of my chest. But, I had to tell her my deepest secrets. My sexual abuse by my father and the fall out of what I did to cope
with life. Why I always felt the need to control
my environment. I have gone through so many stages of acting out. I always had an excuse, WORK! The compulsive behaviors,
pornography, porn shops and the SSA.
I really wasn’t sure what to expect from her.
But, she thanked me and has continued to stand by me. She knows I still have issues,
But, it has changed our communication for the good. It made me vulnerable, helped me with trust. LRD
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