Child Exploitation Images

Just got off the phone with NCMEC. They took information (about a 45 min call), they will contact a trained law enforcement person in my area who will reach out to me, and then I will provide that person with photos, etc.
Hey Kal

I'm glad you hooked up with the NCMEC. Do you have pics of your abuse? That would put a nail in anyone's coffin.
i will meet with an officer locally (eventually), then i will submit pics of me at that age, they will then process then within their system and let me know of results.
going to meet with the officer this morning. looking through old photos. found a photo of me in 1st grade, where the huge gap in my memory was. Though the Trafficking had started the year before, perhaps it was worse this year....

I can see such sadness and pain in the eues and the forced half-smile. I also notice the 2 neck moles that I still have. May make it easier to identify me in other photos.
met the officer. Went very quickly. Handed him the photos and he took a pic of my license to confirm my identity so the NCMEC would know definitively where the photos were coming from.
Hey Kal

How did the police treat you and were you able to tell if they were interested in looking into your issues? I guess the question is did they give you the cold shoulder or were they receptive to what you were telling them?
The officer's job was simply to receive the pictures and confirm my identity. He was specifically trained on child exploitation. But we barely spoke. NCMEC will be receiving the pics and processing them on their side.
Hey Kal

I'm glad it was a positive reception to your story. I hope that's a trend these days. I remember my days in the '60s I was 14. The guy I was with in the back seat of the car put change into my pocket and told to call my carer, I still had patches on my eyes. I was pushed out of the moving car on a corner with a telephone booth. I found myself sitting in the road when I took off the eye patches. I was really fucked up but I made it to the phone booth and called my carer. It was pretty late at night and some lady came along and saw me sitting in the phone booth. I slammed the folding door shut with my feet up against the door. She went away and came back with two cops. The cops tried to get me to come out but I didn't move until my carer came. he told me to go sit in his car so I then came out and walked right past the cops. The cops asked me nothing, not even my name. zilch! The floor of the phone booth was covered in blood. My dungarees hung on me from being weighed down with blood. They had to see it unless they were blind. They said nothing to me as I walked to the car. After a few minutes, the cops left and my carer and I drove away. This happened in Greenwich Village (west) in November of '65. The cops in those days thought of us in those days as not worthy of help.

Times have changed. At least I hope so.

Cdn Writer

Hey, I was trying to write a book to raise awareness of this issue and perhaps suggest some new techniques law enforcement could use to catch these perpetrators.

This may not be a "new" technique but it may not be well known outside of the USA. There is apparently a law in the USA now where if someone views child sexual abuse images, they have committed a crime and in addition to being charged with that crime, the survivors/victims of those crimes can go after this convicted individual in civil court for financial damages. I'm not entirely clear if this is something that law enforcement does automatically for survivors/victims or if the survivors/victims have to initiate this.

I don't know how things like a statute of limitation works - if the photo was taken in 1960s and viewed in 2020, is it eligible? If that photo has been around for years and years, potentially viewed by multiple offenders multiple do they calculate the damages you can ask for? Does this apply world wide? Like if the photo was taken in USA and circulated from there and was viewed in Germany, does this law apply?

Anyways...... I hope this might help someone if they wanted to check further into this information. I know if doesn't even come close to making things right, but it is one remedy the law is prepared to offer survivors/victims.

Hey Scott

suggest some new techniques law enforcement could use to catch these perpetrators.
That's going to be a hard nut to catch. If you found me lying in the street naked as a 10-year-old child what would the police think? If I was 14 what would they think? I was found many times at all ages. The cops didn't call social services. They didn't know what to do with me. I was a prostitute in both cases in the village. They got hold of the local thug and they got me back to who I belonged to. Today they would take me into the hospital and then social services and then I would be buggered where social services set me up and I would have to run back to who took care of me. I used to walk in the village around the gay bars or where the college kids hung out at their bars and my pants hung loose enough so if someone wanted to stick his hand and fiddle with my privates for $10 I had no problem. $10 for a 10-year-old in the '60s was big money. When I made the $10 I bought some drugs or candy and hid the rest so I wouldn't get ripped off. But I could make $200 or more a week just from tips. Some of my customers were cops.

Would you call me a molested child or a prostitute? To stay on the street today is a lot safer than staying in social services today.

I went searching for mine and my friend's pictures on the internet. I found my pictures in so many places it's not funny. Take a look at the image repository like Apple or Google but this one is in Russia or Ukraine. Go there and take a look (you really shouldn't I feel). I would guarantee you will find naked pictures of me within an hour. I can be posted under many people's collections. I shouldn't say this but that is one of the minor image collection websites. A lot of it is on so-called naturist sites. Normal naturist sites don't show pictures of naked children or at least not like the pictures taken of me in the '60s. My pictures were mostly taken by professional equipment and look like they were taken yesterday.

I really don't know of any and don't want to know of any deep dark secretive porn sites. But I guarantee you that you will find most any picture of me and some of the most abusive vicious movies I was in. I know at least one snuff movie because I was in one where an 8-year-old child was beaten to death in front of me while we both hung from the ceiling. I thought I was next because I was beaten pretty badly. I was dumped naked about 10 miles from my foster parent's house in the winter. I went to my friend's basement and pulled the couch over in the basement and pulled it next to the boiler. My boyfriend called his older sister and she fixed me up. Then she had to take me back to the boy's apartment in the village where the other three prostitute kids were.

Oh, I forgot to say that when I was a single stripe airman in the USAF when I was 18-19 I was the whore of a Korean nurse who was an officer and said that if I don't give her what she wanted she would accuse me of rape!!! Wow, that was a trip. There were a couple of problems with that setup. First I was gay and was not in the least interested in her but she was an officer. and there was a thing called no fraternization between enlisted personnel and officers. Those years ('69-'70) women didn't rape men. People have said I wasn't a man because I was gay but when a woman officer accuses an airman of rape I go to jail for a very long time. Once I transferred to the flight line I never saw her again.

This was not my whole story but I think you get a very good idea of my life as a child, teen, and young man.

I once saw a, I might still have, small bios of children on the streets of the Philippines. It had their picture, how old they were, how many years did they prostitute themselves, how many customers they had, and what they want to be when they grow up (if they did). I thought that was an eye-opener. Not one kid wanted to sell himself for sex. He ate from the dumpsters but had to have money to play games in the game houses.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what you're up against. trying to come up with something. You might what to try getting a job with the FBI and see if you can get into one of their development areas. It takes a lot to arrest a pornographer or such criminal but it's even harder to be successful in getting a decent conviction. Kids are afraid to talk. I know I wouldn't. I had it much better than being in social services. There was no time as a 12-year-old where I had less than $500 from tips in the apartment I stayed in the village.

I'm not saying all this to scare you Scott but for children, it was safer to live on the street or finding someone (a pimp) to take care of you (use you) than to go into social services. It was that way for me in the '60s and I'm sure it's the same way today. I didn't hang around street corners looking for as many tricks I could do in a night. I was lucky, I was sold as a date for an entire night, weekend, or even longer. I was even sold to my gym coach to be used for four years. I guess my guy sold subscriptions also. The less hair the more money and work.

I started collecting pictures of kids who committed suicide because of being bullied and abuse either in or outside of school. or because he was gay. I collected a little story of each kid and how it affected his parents and friends. And of course his tombstone. I wanted to try and make a website but couldn't find the help I needed in doing it. These were kids who hung themselves for their little brothers to find or shot himself while he was talking to his dad on the phone while the father was at work.

Sorry for this long-winded talk.

I was in the movies (porn) for 1-3/4 years. I had to do shit to children, one who died. They controlled me by not only beating me but however hard they beat me they beat the child thrice more. The child who died was hung from the ceiling about 10 feet away from me facing me. we were both hung from the ceiling but my mouth was taped so I couldn't ask them to stop beating the child. I saw him die. I saw his bladder piss out. So you ask what do they do with a dead child. well, these organizations owned funeral homes also. It was nothing to cremate a child or bury the child in the same casket as a real adult burial. Nobody will ever find these kids. I even thought that I would eventually end up this way. I was 14 when I was taken into this game.

I've had nightmares where all the kids that I hurt or beat came running after me but just as they were to all jump on me I pissed the bed and woke up. I had nightmares from other things I was involved in since I was 8 years old. But I would always wake up in time not to be killed. These past three weeks I haven't had a night's sleep for more than 3 hours. These days the nightmares come to an end. the kids kill me. the guys kill the one kid then kill me. I haven't been saved from a nightmare for more than three weeks. There are many other things I was involved in where my end comes to a finality. You have to remember I was a prostitute from the age of 8 until 18-1/2 and then from 22-24. There is a lot of shit a prostitute goes through. I didn't shave until I was 24. Well, I had some hair on my face at 24 but didn't shave it yet. At 18 I looked like I was early 14. All I had was a mop of hair on my head and very little south of the border. I was still sellable at 23.

Cdn Writer

Hi, I couldn't quote my own post but I have been looking further and found the following. I see this as another way to punish the perpetrator(s). It is one remedy the courts have provided to survivors/victims of child pornography.

As I understand it, you register with the Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and when they identify your images in the collections of people they arrest, they notify you and then you can file a claim against those charged for possessing and viewing explicit photos of you.

**I did read somewhere that this was done for the survivors/victims by the courts but I was not able to find that article. I suspect it was written in one of my local newspapers either the Winnipeg Sun or the Winnipeg Free Press in the last 5 years. It may only be applicable to Manitoba, Canada and that's why I don't see more mention of it.

This doesn't come close to making up for the horrid things that were done but it's one remedy the courts offer.

Best of luck with your search Kal. I'm really glad you changed your avatar. It puts a face to the damage and you were a lovely child.

I know a little about Scott from being here on MS and he is a very intelligent and very determined person with a goal in mind. I wish him all the luck in the world that he can accomplish his dream.

Cdn Writer

A quick note, there may be some confusion.

The laws and websites I have been referring to are NOT aimed at finding the people who took the pornographic images (the producers); these laws and websites are discussing the people who VIEW those images.

(They may also find the producers but that's not the purpose of the laws from my understanding - a lawyer is in a better position to explain this in detail.)

My understanding of the situation is that the law is aimed at the consumer of this product. That particular product, an image of a child being abused is a photograph of a crime and the people who VIEW that image are committing a crime and further victimized the individual who has been used to make child pornography.

As such, it should not matter where the photos are, if someone in USA looks at them, they have committed a crime and they can be prosecuted for it if they are caught. The same should apply if someone in country X or Y views the images.

I am trying to find out how other countries deal with the situation right now but it is slow going. I have to find people in country X or Y and ask them, hope they know. Google is great for USA and Canada, not so much for Europe or Africa. of luck to anyone who goes after their abuser in civil or criminal court and I hope you'll tell us what the results were.

Thanks all!
Hey Scott.

As you might know that Germany has very lax laws. Finland on the other hand still makes kids in schools swim naked. after swimming they go into the sauna. Houses and apartments all have saunas built-in. I watched a documentary and a teacher asked her kids, 10-years-old, how many kids went to the sauna before coming to school the whole class (25 kids?) only 2 didn't and they probably because they got up late. Companies have saunas built in so after a shift most men take a shower then go into the sauna or at least go home shower and use the sauna. Sauna is a family tradition. Norway, where I was born, has a lot of saunas also but I don't know to what extent.