Chicago Survivors?

I just joined and saw your message. I am also in Chicago and would love to have coffee.
Do you think it safe to meet people you don't know from anywhere. You are new here and this just throws up red flags all over the place.

Please be careful and guard you privacy at least until you have talk to someone for some time and feel you can trust them.

Take good care,
Be safe in what you do

TJ jeff

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I'm going to echo Esterio's comments and expand on them...

Within the site guidelines it is strongly recommended that you not exchange personal contact information for at least 3 months - that is to give both parties time to get to know each other

I will post a link to the Site Guidelines below because I know new persons don't often read them - but they really are there for your safety

Remember - once you give out personal contact info - it cannot be taken back

Having said all of that... I myself was part of a group for a while that met monthly - always at a very public place - always more than a group of 2 - always with safety nets built in (rules and guidelines that were agreed upon by all parties involved beforehand) - it was great to be able to meet other survivors face to face and be able to talk about issues in person - but it needs to be done in a very safe way for all participants - if you are interested I know there is a guideline for starting new groups somewhere's that I could try to find for you...

Site Guidelines


Thanks for that. I guess I was assuming that meeting would be done in a public place but didn’t think it through. Also, seems like there was some screening to even get on this site. I don’t know what was involved in that process but realized it’s not really a background check.
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