Chat Rooms

hi is anybody else having problems getting into the chat rooms ? i click on chat and only a blank page shows up i even tried using the refresh button but still only a blank page shows up
any news on whats going on ?


Staff member
The team is aware and working on it but because it has been intermittent a fix has been delayed.
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I miss the late night chats and also my early morning chats.

Now that I don't have a T, i'm feeling more isolated.

Anyway, thank you for inquiring and thanks to the MOD team, & Admin team--I appreciate this place so much. I hope to be able to donate this year after I pay down some debts. I also hope the chat function is up and functioning when it can be. I miss the few friends i've made along the way here.

im in chat its working again
Hey I tried to send you a PM, wasn't able to but you are free to send one if you want to chat and can't in the chat room.