CBC News: increased risk of online abuse during COVID-19 lockdown


I am not sure if I should post this here or on the forum regarding news stories, but this was a report on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation regarding the increased risk of kids being targeted by predators online now that much of the world is locked indoors. It is of course disturbing, however not at all surprising and something that I was wondering about on my own as my own abuse occurred during the 2000's predominately via the internet. Nonetheless it is an important report and we should be getting the word out so that parents or those with children at home can implement measures to prevent this crime or be aware of its existence in the case that it does occur.

Here is a link to the video



So sad, children retreat to the net as do parents, parents turn to alcohol, always the situation. Now it is compounded, children looking, perps looking and with so many sites and hacks it is inevitable. In days past, the ignorance was the control the Church, institutions, society had over people. Parents to the most were involved in their child's life, today they are overly involved--the child is always right--and then the parent is controlled by the child. It happens more than one accepts. A child decides dinner, a child decides to go or not to go to a brother's graduation, a child abuses a parent and the other parent turns, a father is pushed from his table by words that a child knows will offend and the mother says child you are right, and it goes on. Today, isolation creates a new world of isolation and allows children to take control and for the net to take control. I pray parents open up, work together as parents and not as parent and child against the other parent. I am sad because I believe the child will rule and be brought into the world of a perp. I pray I am wrong.



I'm glad the internet didn't exist when I was in my teens. I put myself in enough dangerous and exploitative situations as a teen without the internet, thanks to adult bookstore and theater cashiers who looked the other way when a 16 year old showed up. Had I had access to the internet before then, God only knows where I would have ended up.