A woman was given some candy bears by a guy she knew. She ate one, and started feeling pretty good. So, she ate another one. A while later, she started to walk weird. She felt woozy. She thought her vertigo was back, and she went to the ER. LOL


The funniest thing for me was when I moved from Tx to Wa and the weed was legal 21+ haha I was heavy on it growing up, but once it was legal and available I was leading a sober life. Just seemed backwards of me. Most people would take advantage of it being legal.
Man buying legal weed is like going to a botique shop now. Everyone wears designer clothes and they have up beat top 40 hits playing in the background or some kind of indie stuff to make them seem hip. And while I like having a "bud tender" walk me through what I want if im clueless, usually I know exactly what I want without help.

Its not like my college days where you texted your " friend" hoping he had stuff and you never knew what quality it was. Then you had to awkardly " hang out" with the guy for a bit cause you didnt want to seem rude. Man how times have changed but at least the weed is better.