Can we have a healing cirle for survivors of femal

e abuse?

I participated recently in a Healing Circle in our chat was a great experience, very much like my weekly group sessions.

I think it would be great to have an HC dedicated to survivors of female abuse. Is anyone else here interested in participating??? Perhaps the mods will set one up if there is enough interest??


I would be interested. Just not sure how separate the issues are. I know the shame in it is huge, but getting ANYTHING out of me about it in front of men is huge for me. Thanks for suggesting it.

I also welcome Ken's imput on this, because well, I'm in the middle of it. I have not adequately dealt with this huge issue to see it objectively.



I'm pretty sure that my mother had DID/MPD. Would that qualify me as a survivor of female abuse? She didn't sexually abuse me but she would switch alters. She had a tongue like a rapier (short, sharp sword).


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Hi guys,

I'll pass this off to Former Texan who is the mod who organizes the HC program and we can see if there's enough interest in getting one started.
Hi, my fraternal brothers.

You can count me in. If this gets off and running.

"I will take thar lost boys hand, and i will lead him from the depths of darkness, into the sunshine, forever into eternity."

Heal well, my brothers, heal well.



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Guys, I'd say giving this at least a trial run is not a bad idea. I'm not sure yet when a good time would be to give this a try. Some factors need considering:

1) Summer in the US is fast approaching. The last time I tried to run a HC in the summer time, no one showed up, so something to keep in mind.
2) My work schedule is an off-shift for the rest of April and all of May, so picking a day that works for everyone has to be considered.
3) We need at least four willing participants committed to showing up at every meeting to make it productive for all present. It doesn't have to be the same four every week, but a minimum four nevertheless.

Hopefully we'll see more interest in the coming weeks.



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Healing Circle is a scheduled weekly time set up in chat away from the general Lounge setting, to give folks a chance to talk in a structured group setting.

With summer going, we may not have a new one until fall when everyone is back from vacations.
There is a time difference between Europe and the USA, but if the time works out, (which COULD mean when everyone else in the household is fast asleep), I'd be interested in joining.


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We can give it a trial run in the fall. It will really depend on the level of interest and participation.