Buddy Arrested for CP


Title says it all. Today I learned someone i genuinky liked and worked with. Nice guy, happy, helpful, competent.

Fucker arrested for child pornography. All sorts of feelings. Anyone relate?


I am sorry for your pain. I am not sorry this pervert was caught. It makes me realize anyone in our lives can be a person who finds pleasure sexually in children. The kind priest--my ass--the teacher, well we have read about many of them, the coach who is supposedly guiding your child instead is using the child for his/her own physical activities, to the kind uncle/aunt who behind closed door takes advantage of the child and it goes on and on.

Exposing these perverts brings awareness but has it brought disclosure of their activities that may be known by others? I think silence is still too commonplace and children suffer a lifetime.

Ctuhulhu take care of yourself and try not to let your emotions trigger you. You need to remember he is the pervert, the guilty one. You did not know what he was doing.

They are everywhere and cross every social, racial, ethnic and economic stratum. Just be glad another one was taken down. I'm sure it is stressful knowing the guy, but now he can be just someone you knew once.
yeah - it stinks.

rather than repeating myself, I suggest you see the link below to another thread on this topic.

Like Traveler referencing a post from JayBro I had posted something that I was faced with when it came about that someone I knew was forced out of the country for rape and shit. He should have been turned in but he was forced out of the country by a councilman from NYC and I'm sure he will strike again. I really get sick when I think about these hidden animals and how they are protected. It's just disgusting.


Peace, Rainbows, Love, Healing & Hope