Brave Boy - Part 1

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Brave Boy – Part 1

I want to raise awareness of the fact that little boys are raped.

Both males and females can be victims of sexual violence.

Both males and females can be perpetrators of sexual violence

I testify to these truths on behalf of the little boy who was me.

I was violently raped by a “barbarian” (a “family man”) when I was 5 years old. He mutilated me to facilitate the rape. He threatened to kill my family if I ever told. My grandmother was raped and my brother was “molested” during the same incident. My “mother’s” friend is the person who delivered us into the hands of her brother in law and his cohorts in evil. The Brave Boy who was me, tried to fight them off to protect my grandmother - I was just picked up and taken away to be raped - I was terrified - I thought I was being murdered - I did not understand what was happening.

I was also used by my “mother” for her own sexual gratification from the time I was 4 until around age 8. She warned not to tell anyone about what she did or she’d be put in jail & then who’d take care of us?

There was no one to help me when I was a little boy. There was no one to tell. In addition, as a little boy, I wouldn’t even know what to tell them because I did not know what was being done to me was rape or sexual violence.

I believe that exposing the fact that this evil exists is the first step toward eradicating it.
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