Baker's Dozen-A Game of (13) Inches - STRONG TRIGGERS


Six is stretching, soon to fill my mouth
Seven is lubing, ready to slide in and about
Get ready, get set
For the games today, there's no doubt

You see, today's a game of inches
13 to be precise
And I'll take each and every one
Under their directive guise

Their members are the pieces
My body is the board
They'll go to town
Until the sun goes down
And then leave me on the floor

Let the games begin...

Today he brought another
This was his f*** buddy friend
By the time that they are finished
I'll take it in both ends

Neither man wanted to win
They were hoping for a tie
So they pumped and pumped and shot together
And then hung me out to dry

It's said that after a boy's abuse
There's a third person in the bedroom
But after my abuse and total misuse
Three men were in the bedroom

A (wet) dream or reality
It's hard to be so sure
Either way I look at it
It's hardened me to the core

Or is it just another lurid thought
That stems from my abuse
For when in my mouth or rear they sought
I finally felt of some use

It's all the abuse and trauma
That's put inside my head
Are these haunting images or reality
Of the little boy in the shed

The 8 year old boy me
Would now never think like this
It's how sexual abuse and trauma
Causes our thinking to go amiss