Avatar Change?

I tried to change my avatar today and it just kept reverting to my old picture. I could remove it altogether - and that would "stick." Oddly, I can see the picture I want at to top in the MS menu bar, but if I click it - it's the old picture. Am I missing something about how the avatar works (like rules that make it stay the same, or some approval thing, or something)?

Got me. I had a devil of a time getting my avatar the way I wanted it. It might have been cached data in the browser - try flushing your cache and see what happens.
I don't know about the avatar but I had the same issue when trying to change my banner, I had to keep deleting it and then it seemed to work when I logged out all together before I could get the right one loaded to where it stayed the right one. The avatar probably works the same way.
Thanks guys. I tried logging out and back in and that didn't seem to solve it. However, it is updated today - so not sure what that's about. Wonder if the server caches it and it runs some nightly process to clear? No matter - it's updated.