Anyone can do it, to anyone (TW)


TW for CSA, OA, neglect

My mum was pretty cold and absent growing up, physically she was often around but when I was six all I could do was yearn for her attention and feel a little invisible.

Enter Ms S, my teacher and unknown to me, a member of the cult that had been training me for trafficking since I was four and had split my identity to control me and induce amnesia in me.

She soon became like a mother to me, she treated me with special attention and called me her "favourite". I loved it, but then the abuse started. For a while, she was able to manipulate our system into not knowing about the abuse, but eventually over the next six months we started to realise she was doing something wrong and we tried fighting back. Her abuse was violent and horrific, often causing me physical pain as well as forcing me into sexual acts against my will. The abuse always took place in the tiny supply closet in the classroom (yes, right there at the fucking school during the lunch break), and it was such a dark and small space that it's probably where my claustrophobia and fear of the dark comes from.

When I finally fought back and ran ot of the closet from her, she didn't actually punish me or drag me back. She just let me go. And then, she just started to ignore me and ridicule me in front of the whole class. I was no longer her favourite, and in a way that was worse in my young mind than the abuse itself. I had lost my "mother", again, and now I was all alone and sad.

Nobody was ever going to believe me. I was just a boy, and she was a thoughtful, friendly female teacher. She was young, like early thirties, I was a smelly rough-and-tumble six year old boy who talked too much and cried too easily. Who were they ever going to believe?


Yes, women do it to men abd boys all the time. I was one of their victims. I believe you. We on this site believe you. And others will too. You can heal. I have.

dark empathy

@tommy07, really sorry to hear this, however I'm even more sorry that unlike the rest of the western world, I find it all too believable.

Sadly, stories like yours aren't uncommon on this part of the forum, which actually makes me wonder; for all of the current pro woman hysteria, how common they are across the world, and how many men don't speak up.

The only good thing I can say is that yes, it does get better.

here's wishing you luck on the journey.