Another T

This week, my shrink said he thinks I need to work on my combat PTSD, so he is lining up a new T. My csa ptsd is under control, but combat is a different kind. I would love to get to the point that I don't hit the deck at the sound of loud noises or explosions. Especially explosions. When I hear gunfire, I start getting flashbacks to the jungle. So yeah, need to deal with this.
Hi Jaxson

Yes sounds like you do need to work on the combat PTSD. Sorry you struggle. Thanks for your service.

Take good care



Sorry to hear of the multiple PTSD's. If CSA is under control the combat PTSD needs to be addressed. I am not familiar with multiple PTSD's but do they become interconnected or co-dependent over time?
They are separate. Some components are the same, but not all. Flashbacks from combat are violent and scary. They usually centered around firefights. And the constant fear. If anybody who has ever been in combat tells you that they were not scared they are either lying of crazy.
Having nightmares and flashbacks of both the MST and combat. I have a med for nightmares, but it is not working for this. Gonna have to tell my shrink tomorrow. I will be happy when my current issue is over and I can finally get the new T.