Anger at my brothers and sisters.


Why do I even talk to them? They don't want to hear what I have to say, about what happened to me, and about our Dad, in what he did and didn't do also, or our mom, either.
It's easy'er to make me out as sex adict or gay. Oh, how mad I get. Reading unsigned letters and articels to my wife about men (me) hiding behind their wifes and being gay, or molesting kids, boys, and having aids.
God bless them all.
fmighell Anc Ak

Hi,I'm the youngest in the family of 14 children. None of my siblings knew that I was being sexually abused, when I was 7. I did tell some of them in the last 6years (I'm 40 now).
There are times when I have felt angry at them for not being there to protect me. At times, I have chosen to exclude a lot of them from my life, because at times I get too angry at their lack of understanding.
It can be frustrating at times
I, luckily, have one brother, (L) who knows & believes it. But I was extreamly afraid I'd lose/distroy our friendship. I have another brother, (J) who I don't dare tell, I tried once when I was 16 and he denounced me as a lier. We don't get along very well to this day, (18+ yrs later). He refused to believe Dad (now dead) was/is a Monster. Just seeing a picture of Dad makes me feel sick. Things between J and I are...strained. I put up with him because I don't want to lose contact with his daughter, my niece! But J is an ASS, and I do NOT trust that son of a Bastard Monster. I so much want to tell him to "F--- Off and Die You lousy Piece of S---!"