And yet another former priest


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As a survivor of priest abuse I feel sad when I read these stories and at the same time glad the victims were able to come forward and get some justice. I think the sentence is light and he should spend his remaining years in jail. Surely, there are other victims who have not come forward and no one will ever know how many lives he ruined.


Survivor of priest abuse as well here. I feel very sad reading these stories.
It helps for sure. It does not help when family members [Aunt's,etc] feel that the altar boys [ in general ]
are just gay kids who wanted it and enjoyed it.


It does not help when family members [Aunt's,etc] feel that the altar boys [ in general ]
are just gay kids who wanted it and enjoyed it.
What? you weren't gay and you didn't enjoy it? Really. If my remark upsets you, it is meant to be sarcastic because who in the right mind would think that Alter Boys are gay in the first place, and second, who in their right mind could even think that the boys enjoyed being forced upon! We had no choice. It was either that, or something worse, and I suppose public humiliation might have been one of those factors. And who would ever believe a boy is telling the truth when a man of the cloth sexually attacked him over and over again? I very vividly remember the first principal of the Catholic school I attended, (Greybeard may know of this school if he were to look it up) was a very very intimidating looking man. He almost looked evil! Well, he spent the one year there, that I'm aware of, -(I was 13 then) and then he was shipped to the east coast someplace. I found out many years later, that place he was sent to was an orphanage for boys, Catholic boys mostly I think. Guess whose name came up in the list of offenders? Yeah, not hard to put two and two together, even if your mind is screwed up! He did go to prison for the sexual crimes against those boys, the boys he destroyed. AND, he was not the only one! there were many there. They thought they could have their fancy because who would ever believe a bunch of orphan rats! I feel so sorry for those boys, I've never met any of them, but I do know that they are struggling if they are still alive on this planet. I think some died by suicide, or drugs. Who are the lucky ones? Being abused like that, sometimes you wish you were dead too!, but you're not, you're still here, and you can make a difference today! YOU ARE STRONG!