Am i just overeacting

wow crazy even with only one period in that entire paragraph that epistle made perfect sense. i think you should be entered into the guiness book of world records for writing the longest run on sentence in history. :crazy:

speaking of sentences, it sounds to me as if you are living one out in this relationship with your partner.

i can only vouch for myself but i too understand what it is like to be in a relationship with an emotionally needy partner who thinks the answer is sex. and the big problem with that is that is feels like abuse all over again. when i am in any kind of situation where someone is demanding anything of me for their satisfaction, i immediately go into defensive mode, because the other person appears as a perpetrator in relentless pursuit.

i honestly don't know what to tell you about this relationship, but from reading what you wrote about her behavior, it feels very toxic.

maybe it is time to take a breather.

keep the faith bro,



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Other than the continually sexually insistant thingy (that was me) she sounds just like my ex-wife. No life of her own, no sense of her own idemtity and couldn't spell the word BOUNDARIES if she'd had written down in front of her. Did I say that she's me X-wife?

I concur with Ron here, this sounds like a very toxic relationship and, knowing what I do now, I'd reconsider staying.


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Don't misunderstamd me here. This is not me beating up on your GF.

The girl obviously has issues that she needs helps with. Having these issues came from somewhere and something. No one just turns out messed up for the pleasure of the experience.

That being said, she had these issues long before you showed up in her life - you are not the cause of them (look in the mirror and then tell me that you are God's Gift and that's why she can't keep her hands off you) and you will not be the solution to them either.

When you yourself have fixed all of your own issues then maybe you can tackle a problem such as this, until then...I call this cut & run.

She gets sick when you bring that up? She may self harm? How about the girl is playing you and you are letting her! What is she gonna use next as a ploy to keep you - pregnancy?

Bottom line is this - do you want to be there? If not, go...

Her life and its issues are hers and are hers alone to confront and to fix - just like it is for you...
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i know it won't be easy to be alone, but you'll be in a better position to work on your own recovery issues. and you will have us still beside you along the way.

keep the faith bro!