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Former Employee Says Boy Scouts of America Is "Safer" But Not for Kids​

the man in the headline is a former youth protection director who resigned over the organization's prioritization of its image and sponsorships over the safety of the scouts and having his hands tied. Very revealing article!

from Newsweek

The Bluefoot

Excellent article, from Newweek. As one who was abused by the scoutmaster, for 2 years sexual and then mental abuse by telling me am and never will be a good leader for the next 15 years. I have also witnessed done to others. Pushing boys out of the troop if it looked like they were nit going to make Eagle Scout. I was the exception to that rule. I wanted to be just like the scoutmaster FJ. I grow a mustache, becomes very heavy, ran a company, was liked by all the boys etc. But I did not sexual abuse any of the scouts. That did mean I did not have my share of problems, FJ covered them.up out of fear I would tell on him what he did. My problems had to do with setting fires. Which he knew about and covered up including an arrest when I was 17 years old.

It wad not for an other 14 years later they asked me to leave quotes for being GAY. When I did not they fired me claiming gays were not allow to be asst. Scoutmasters.

When I tired to complain about it and then tell my story about being abused at the hands of the scoutmaster who by now became an icon in NYC sounding. I was told to go away or suited and brought up on charges for abuse when.i was 14. They turned the table around and claimed I abused others when I was 14. When the facts was the Scoutmaster FJ did it to us 8 members at the same time while he watched. So I left quietly though I had a nervous breakdown. Ending in be hospitalized .

Years later when I heard the scoutmaster deid, I know it was over and I no longer was able to explain myself any more.

It's only this past 1 year now 26 years after i.left the troop, that I learned and understood that all my behavior problems were based on the abuse I suffered from. Not just in Scoutting but from others as well.

Thanks to these space for helping me deal with and understanding my abuse and helping me heal from it