Alicia Silverstone baths with her 8 year old son?!

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Yahoo news had the blurb that the actress, Alicia Silverstone takes baths with her 8 year old son?!

The commentators thankfully were calling her out on it. For example: if a dad was bathing with his 8 year old daughter, child welfare would be called immediately.

Hopefully child welfare will investigate her and make sure this isn't sexual abuse....I'm not sure it could be classified as anything else but...???? Stranger things have happened.


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"if a dad was bathing with his 8 year old daughter, child welfare would be called immediately."

absolutely correct. My mother showered with my brother and even though it was not explicitly sexual it was part of her overall system of controlling our bodies and keeping us from healthy boundaries
This is completely inappropriate if not abusive.

A few times my toddler (2-3 years old) daughters wanted me to take a bath with them and I wore swimming trunks.

my stepfather (perp) would shower with me when I was younger.
Didn’t it used to be normal for families to bathe together during the Great Depression? It might not be as bad as it sounds but it really could go either way. I heard that it wasn’t uncommon for family members to bathe together because indoor plumbing was reserved for the wealthy and so heating a tub was so time consuming that it was just easier to heat it once and have everyone jump in.


I have no memories of any physical interaction with my mother, but I do have memories of my mother violating numerous boundaries around nudity up until I was 13 or so. By the time I was 8 or 9 I know that I had obvious physical reactions to her nudity and she continued the behavior. Regardless of whether it was sexual abuse or intended, it certainly had a long lasting effect on my arousal template and made it much easier for a woman to physically abuse me when I was in my teens.
Of course it's entirely inappropriate. But it's Hollywood. Movie and TV stars can get away with things that the rest of us can't, such as Lena Dunham molesting her sister.


I think it is totally wrong. Children need their privacy and a parent imposing their body on child is wrong. Too many children are robbed of childhood because of a parent. A child should not have access to a parents room without knocking or permission, parents and children deserve privacy. I was 10 when raped and I had years of doubt, guilt and shame. The child bathing with the mother could be confusing to the child. Once boundaries are broken so is the trust of the child and parent and who is in control.
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Didn’t it used to be normal for families to bathe together during the Great Depression?
I remember swimming naked in a YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association). Norms change. Some say it's unfortunate and some say it's about time.

But I grew up in two different environments. One where people paid people to spend the night, weekend, holiday, party, or many different other ways with my naked body. There was a dollar sign on my ass. That was the whole reason for my being on this earth for many years. But then I had spent time in another environment. I had a friend and a loving family consisting of a mother, father, two boys, and four girls. They were naturists. I was naked in their presence, I was naked in their home, and I was naked in their naturist community. I had no problems with being naked with them. They often took family showers, family saunas, or family hot tubs, etc. If this is the way the family grows up then there is nothing wrong with it. So I don't really see a problem with Alicia Silverstone and her (now?) 9-year-old son taking a bath together. If this is the lifestyle then being naked together is OK. There is nothing sinister or perverted in that lifestyle.

The part about the YMCA having mandatory naked swimming I think is out of date. That is not the norm today. If everyone doesn't agree with nudity then it should not be allowed in that place. A naturist community is neither perverted nor indecent.

I remember the showers in my friend's home. They were mixed or in any combination. I, my friend, and his brother having his mother wash our hair were not out of place and no one wanted or needed my ass. I found it a place of normalcy and love that I wasn't used to. When I was 8 or 17 and I was in my environment then someone would be paying someone to have the fun in washing my hair. As a matter of fact, I was the only one that had any thoughts along those lines. That shit never happened and that thinking never existed in my friend's family. If this was in the environment I lived in then yes, this would be a perv's dream come true. But I felt I was among a tight-nit family with family values living a naturist life. I don't know much about Alicia Silverstone or what her values are but my first thoughts would not be of child abuse. I took many showers with my friend's family and they were some of the most loving showers I ever had. It was great being naked among others and not having a dollar sign on my ass. It was great having those moments of sanity in my life.
This is one of the issues I am dealing with myself from childhood. I am only now realizing my mom crossed the boundaries. Not that I think she wanted to harm me but we were very close including bathing together or her drying me off till I was around 11. We slept together a lot when I was a kid as my dad worked nights. I was a kid who was afraid of being away from her. Kid who would wet my bed and she would clean me up. I felt so close to her but I don’t think I knew it was sexual in a way I guess. I can’t bring myself to hate her. I really thought I had been lucky to have that closeness to make me feel safe I guess like truly cared for. Me the sensitive kid. I know it did warp me sexually. I know even when I was older as I kid I was the one who asked to bath with or or purposely forget to get a towel so she would bring me one then I would ask her to dry me. It’s hard to rationalize it in my mind at this point in my life.
Hey smc

I guess only you can decide if there was anything sexual besides being loved that went on between you and your mother. I just wanted to point out to the fellow survivors what I thought about Alicia and her 9-year-old son. I personally didn't see anything that was mentioned that I would have said was sexual abuse. I didn't bring up my kids that way and I was totally divorced from my parents when I was 10. (I am not biologically related to what were called my parents.)

I met my friend Eric and his family at 9 years old when I was taking judo lessons. Through them, I was introduced to the naturist environment and community when I was 9 years old. I got more steady there when I was 10. If I wasn't with my surrogate father, who I called papasan, on weekends then I could very well be over at my friend Eric's house where it was clothes optional but rarely worn. A bunch of us sitting on a couch together or taking showers together were not unusual. Eric and his younger brother had their own room and slept in the same bed and when I came over I also squeezed into that bed. I know that his brother who was the second youngest also slept in his parent's bed. So if I was 9-10 he must have been somewhere between 2-3 years younger than me.

The girl's room had two big beds which eventually became one big bed and all the girls would sleep together. The only erections I saw on Eric or his brother was when they had to go take a pee. With me it was a different story, I was living in a totally different life. By 10 years old I was sleeping with 2 men a week. So the horseplay that went on when Eric and his siblings would take showers never produced erections on the brothers just on me a lot of times. I was very sensitive to being touched. So you can see the difference between me and Eric's family. They grew up the same way they were born, naked.

Their bathroom was also different than what most people are used to. You had a big walk-in shower with a big curtain that was never used. Next to that was a toilet, then bathroom vanity with sink and mirror then came a washer and dryer. So everything was open. There were no privacy issues. because everything was open for all to see. There were always a couple of bathrobes by the front door in case someone had to go answer the door.

I just wanted to mention that I didn't see anything wrong with Alicia and her son taking a bath together. I mentioned the fact that the YMCAs used to be mandatory nude swimming for men and boys and so were a lot of public schools. Times changed and that stopped. I agree that wouldn't be appropriate in today's times. But family nudity is more common in Europe than here in the US. But it also doesn't mean that nudity brings sexual abuse.