Alicia Silverstone baths with her 8 year old son?!

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Yahoo news had the blurb that the actress, Alicia Silverstone takes baths with her 8 year old son?!

The commentators thankfully were calling her out on it. For example: if a dad was bathing with his 8 year old daughter, child welfare would be called immediately.

Hopefully child welfare will investigate her and make sure this isn't sexual abuse....I'm not sure it could be classified as anything else but...???? Stranger things have happened.


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"if a dad was bathing with his 8 year old daughter, child welfare would be called immediately."

absolutely correct. My mother showered with my brother and even though it was not explicitly sexual it was part of her overall system of controlling our bodies and keeping us from healthy boundaries
This is completely inappropriate if not abusive.

A few times my toddler (2-3 years old) daughters wanted me to take a bath with them and I wore swimming trunks.

my stepfather (perp) would shower with me when I was younger.
Didn’t it used to be normal for families to bathe together during the Great Depression? It might not be as bad as it sounds but it really could go either way. I heard that it wasn’t uncommon for family members to bathe together because indoor plumbing was reserved for the wealthy and so heating a tub was so time consuming that it was just easier to heat it once and have everyone jump in.


I have no memories of any physical interaction with my mother, but I do have memories of my mother violating numerous boundaries around nudity up until I was 13 or so. By the time I was 8 or 9 I know that I had obvious physical reactions to her nudity and she continued the behavior. Regardless of whether it was sexual abuse or intended, it certainly had a long lasting effect on my arousal template and made it much easier for a woman to physically abuse me when I was in my teens.
Of course it's entirely inappropriate. But it's Hollywood. Movie and TV stars can get away with things that the rest of us can't, such as Lena Dunham molesting her sister.


I think it is totally wrong. Children need their privacy and a parent imposing their body on child is wrong. Too many children are robbed of childhood because of a parent. A child should not have access to a parents room without knocking or permission, parents and children deserve privacy. I was 10 when raped and I had years of doubt, guilt and shame. The child bathing with the mother could be confusing to the child. Once boundaries are broken so is the trust of the child and parent and who is in control.
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