The news coming out of there is very upsetting for us. We understand its not this way for everyone. We have a lot wrapped up in it involving our eldest son and the part we played in making that happen. Not sure why we post this here instead of under the news area but its personal and we know everyone wont have the same feelings as some of us. lost our temper with the wife last night and this morning realized it had nothing to do with her really, it was just about being angry and bitter over this. just wanted to acknowledge that it means more than a 3 minute segment on the news for us.
Hi Iaccus,
I don't think it would matter where you post your thoughts and feelings, regardless you are feeling pain and sorrow and for that I am sorry. It is tragic and horrific for so many, but the people personally touched are in a different place, with more invested and have a better understanding, or at least a deeper understanding. It’s good you saw your anger as misplaced, as you all need each other as a unit more than ever before. I hope your personal pain eases, and I hope the pain for so many others can also be lessened. Unfortunately, my hopes do not create reality, so I pray that that something works to help the suffering. I’m glad you posted. I’m so sorry this is happening.

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Hmmm SNAFU or FUBAR i guess either fits this action to a T i cant believe how bad the govt F**ked this up i mean didnt NAM teach them anything ? seeing the civilians trying to climb on the plane's gave a flashback to watching the civilians trying to get to the copters on the embassy roof, all they people who helped our troops left to suffer the wrath of the taliban's revenge which will come soon enough im sure, so 20 years of young americans being killed maimed etc was all for naught, somebody needs to be held accountable for this nightmare but probably nobody will be,, im feeling your pain Iaccus and agree with you, BB.


I know very little of the region and its problems however if your affected by it I'm sending you my support .
we spoke with our eldest and broached the subject. he expressed his anger without pointing to us directly. he is going to come up this weekend partially because he said he wants to talk about. not sure what to think about that.
For what it is worth, I am extremely angry with the way this was handled. Glad you expressed your feelings Iaccus.


I'm sorry Iaccus, i'm not sure I can imagine how difficult it is to even think about let alone discuss.

Your feelings are valid. Hope you can take some time for yourself in the days ahead!

I have a strong feeling we don't even know the full scope yet. I think the next few weeks and months will be really telling...