Hello Members of the MS Community,
I have had an issue not some time and recent events has not helped it any. If anything, it has made it otherwise it is made it markedly worse and that is not helping me. Given the terrible CSA I was forced to endure, and the calamity of things I have suffered as a result, that being the case add too ii I had one heck of a battle with Lung Cancer and before that was all said and done with, my mother, one of my last remaining relatives passes. I can add a few more bad things that happened during this time, but I don’t see the point. Through all of this I still had to carry the bad things though my childhood
So, where am I going here, and that destination is easy to the medical establishment. Some know me here, so do no. I am a PhD level educated engineer that works for one of the best companies on the planet, so in that I was lucky. While I was going through all of this, I ran into some of the most stupid and inept people hiding in the skins of medical doctors. They really hold a special place in my heart currently, what a bunch. Luckily again for me my mother was here at the beginning of this and finally found me a competent Oncology group. These people, thankfully, did not act like the actors that portray the stand-ins that play the brain damaged zombies in the ,”The Walking Dead,” and got down to business. It had been allowed to get so bad that the cancer had almost entirely overrun my right lung. They hooked me up with a top-notch surgeon, who essentially also saved my life, and to him I am thankful.
I had decided once I had recovered enough to strive to try and really get better. I did a lot of research and found the best therapy duo in my area that deals with CSA ad PTSD and sat on a waiting list for 8 months to get the schedule. After my initial assessments they have really been after it, I mean I even see the Psychologist a couple times a week. Already the friction has started though between me and the psychiatrist. She’s given me a bunch of diagnoses, some of which make no sense, I can read the DSM 5 as well. Plus, she is very liberal when scripting meds, and those are not my favorite things in the world. So, ultimately, I guess we will see where this thing ends up going. I wish I could hire the psychologist and send the other one on down the river in a boat. Unfortunately, they will only work together as a team.
If it difficult for me now when I see a white lab coat for my fight or flight system to kick in. They might be able to explain that process to me if I was not running off at max speed away from them. When you deal with the medical system here in then you must be your own advocate. If you don’t like what you are hearing or it doesn’t make sense, speak up and tell them. When I mess up some computers may go down or reboot, when they do people can die, huge difference.