Abused becoming abuser??

Thrive Deib

It's just BS, but growing up I would hear that and worry that I was going to become like my abuser.
A big problem is that not all the people who are accused from being abusers are actual pedophiles. It's super easy to frame an adult/teenager into being seen as a molester. My own mother used that for framing my nanny and blackmail her to force her into the CP business. My mother indoctrinated me for being hypersexual boy to the point she just had to whisper a few words ("go nam-nam your nanny") and I'd go "play" with her. The "game" I learned was forcefully taking out her breasts from her blouse.
She thought that I was just aggressively playing but then, out of nowhere, my abominable mother showed up with a camera and "click" she had several photos of an indigenous woman allegedly using the body of a boy for her perverse pleasure. My mother didn't have to say much, my nanny was so confused and sincerely ashamed that she'd do anything to prevent those photos to be exposed. I think that my abominable mother even "persuaded" my nanny to become pregnant out of that blackmailing.
It's said that children should beware of stranger adults, but I think that adults should also learn not to trust all children, even if they live in the same house.