Come to think of it... At age six a used to play doctor with an 8 year-old girl across the street. However, she made me do all kinds of strange stuff, including full on insertion. I wasn't uncomfortable with it. I thought it was kind of cool to be doing this with an older girl but, the stuff she made me do was way beyond the kiss I wanted... Was this sexual abuse?
Well, ya, it was sex abuse. But imagine what she was exposed to, to do that with U! Kids do NOT naturally go that far in sex play. Its more like "Show & Tell", not "DO".
Sex abuse is Unwanted sexual contact, regardless of the age of the Perp and Victim.
Its always abuse when minors R involved, ALWAYS. Children can Never be consentual participants. Even if it felt good, or U liked it, or you went back 4 more. There is a coersion there. Perhaps unspoken. But children dont have the hindsight or foresight or understanding of how things are SUPPOSE to be. U R manipulated, brainwashed, or perhaps afraid, or loved the Perp. Its still coersion, whatever the method. But an 8 yr oldis in the same boat as you, F--- Up messages about sex, "private parts", and the such. You were both victims of someone else. May they Rot In H--L!