A nice victory

David Mac

This happened two weeks ago, but I am glad I can post it now. At age five I was used in a child porn ring. The women in the group were merciless. They had no pity on a child. Here it is 55 years later and I still do not do well emotionally when a conflict involves a female.

Two weeks ago I had been asked out to help out at my old job. Sure, no problem. Turned out that it involved a very angry, demanding woman. Another staff person worked with her patiently, but ultimately I was handed the ticking bomb.

When I found out what the situation was, my anxiety level shot through the roof. But I prayed and prayed to God to allow me to be gracious and kind. I needed Him to put the right words in my mouth.

The day I met her, she did not make eye contact. She was ill disposed at best. But slowly, slowly as I spoke and did my thing she came around. At the end of it all you would have thought we were the best of friends. She opened her heart to me, telling me of all the corporate misery she has had to endure, etc. We all but hugged when we parted.

Not bad, huh? So there it is a little victory.