a letter to my perp


guys, im thinkg of writing a letter to confront my sister/perp and i was wondering, if i do write a letter could i post it here and get your feedback before i give it to her?

also ive had the idea of asking my mom if my sister ever told her if she was abused. is this wrong? would my mom lie for her?
i want to know if she was abused by anyone that I know, so i can keep my child away from that person.

thats the main reason why i will be writing her a letter to confront her. i want to know who abused her so i can keep my kid away from that person as well.

i doubt she will tell me and she will try to make excuses and manipulate me like always but i really need to know. i always wonder, what if it was my dad.

he and i never really got along, hes basically a retard and i just dont like his attitude. who knows. i just want to do the right thing and make sure my son will have a better life than i have had.

hes due in december, and i already love him so much.


I recomend you look at this link; http://www.malesurvivor.org/ArchivedPages/singer3.html
About halfway down the page is the part about confrontation.
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