A kind of freedom

I wrote elsewhere that I shared my entire, unvarnished and true story with someone (another survivor here) for the first time in my life. Not even my therapist had the whole story. I had mentioned elsewhere how nervous and scared I was about how it would be perceived. Turns out I was worried for nothing.

Today, I have a far different feeling about it. I have this sense of freedom that it is all out there and there are no more secrets left. I may or may not ever share it all with anyone else, but this makes me feel clean and happy. If this sounds weird, so be it!
I believe someone once said "The truth will set you free." Jesus, perhaps?

I think this is what you're experiencing Jaxson and I know the feeling. Enjoy it my friend... The words from Blackbird come to mind... "take these broken wings and learn to fly..." That is what each of us is doing. It is sacred work.



It is so freeing when we let the secrets out. I truly believe they fester and grow if kept in the dark. When brought into the light, they wither and die. I'm glad you found some peace on this!