A deep sadness. A haunting past.


In the shadows of the void, where darkness weaves its tale,
A haunting past, a silent wail, whispers in the gale.
Inner sadness, like a ghost, drifts through the night,
A dance with echoes, a silent fight.

The void, a canvas of memories untold,
Where shadows linger, and sorrows unfold.
A past shadow haunts, a specter of pain,
Yet within the darkness, resilience remains.

Through the abyss, a journey unfolds,
Seeking the light where healing molds.
In the tapestry of time, threads of sorrow entwined,
Yet hope persists, in the recesses of the mind.

The echoes of sadness, a symphony of the soul,
In the void, resilience takes its toll.
Through the darkness, a flicker of light,
A testament to the strength within, shining bright.
@Zangetsu, beautifully written poem. The struggles and pain are present. The fragments of hope shine through. Thanks for sharing your expression.