a chapter



Awwww ....

Did the Intelligence Community have to take over even to the point they out-ranked your presidents, your New York intellectuals, your Washington elites, your Hollywood artists... Militarily rank even(?) ... 'Cause write better. 'Am more involved. Who'd want you, in a foxhole .... (No offense). But seriously.

Nine Eleven happened and there was no time to slow down that much for you.

Tomorrow morning ... This morning(?)

'Expect competence instead. Forced diversity can't necessarily keep up .... All that higher edumacation. Like 'can't find out.

'Do make sure nothing bad happens to you..

'Doesn't mean 'like you.

You gotta play from the Story old as time ...

Yeah, picked up the mean card, the cruel card, the harrowing card, the horrific card --- learned it clean; his fingers don't singe...

'LEarned it clean.

'Can make sure nothing bad happens to you.

So 'proved to the Intelligence Community God exists ...

'What ....

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