I’m very sorry for what you suffered Toad. My abuse was elementary school so this is very familiar. You did an excellent job of getting in touch with the feelings of that young boy in you. Thank you for sharing. I could relate to the entire poem and I hope by writing this out you are able to free some of what you have held so long. Mostly I am sorry you experienced this.
The camera plus you makes three
I'm really sorry Toad, that you experienced the same I did.
You wrote a beautiful poem about it, I only wish you wouldn't have to live through these memories.


I’m so deeply sorry, I cannot even imagine.

Your poem is, well, dare I say, so lovely written about a thing so hideous. your words smoothly flow like a fairytale leading the reader into a nightmare. This is a talented poem each word perfectly aligned to paint a child’s view of what should never be.