8 week mens group in Asheville NC


Our Voice is offering an 8 week mens group for survivors of unwanted sexual experiences. The group will be focused on education around trauma symptoms, coping skills such as mindfulness, boundary setting, etc. rather than processing detailed personal stories of abuse. It is being co-facilitated by two male counselors. Our hope is to foster a sense of brotherhood and community, while looking at what has helped men recover and grow from being assaulted. The group's focus more on skills than process is simply to support members who may be triggered by hearing details of others' abuse stories, not out of any desire for any man to be censored.Please call 828 252 0562 for more information.
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I have been looking for a support group in North Carolina, but I'm not having much luck. I know this group project that you mentioned was from February, but do you know what any others will be conducted in the future? It sounds like a good thing to me to learn how to cope without having to disclose.