Healing light

Glad there re thinking it laws should be equal , brave men speaking out

My late ex wife smashed a big porcilyn vase over me one day, in a and e they knew it was her that done it they offered no support ok she were saying she sorry she done it
But if that were a bloke !

It's long past time for this to come to light. Men ARE raped. I was. But that was by other guys. Women can and do rape.
It's hard to believe it's 2019 and men are still fighting for this recognition. Forced penetration isn't rape in the U.S. either. It's sexual assault. The feds say rape means being forcibly penetrated by a penis, so men can be raped anally and orally, and only by other men. Anything else and it's defined as sexual assault, for which the penalties are often lighter. And until 2015, the feds said men couldn't be raped, period.

Yet another case of the law not bringing justice to victims.

Tom E.

I'm hopeful the language of laws will be changed to reflect all the ways humans can be raped all over the world.


I'm glad to see men speaking up. Good job, OnceInnocent, keep up the Twitter war. Keep fighting the voices that are trying to silence male victims, it's the only way for men and boys to get the recognition we deserve.