4 is way to young to be sexualized

The Bluefoot

Yes I am married to a man, I am a gay activist and me and my husband help get marriage equality in NY State and is the US. Our Son has a mild case of CP (Cerebral Palsy) walks with a limps, when he was 15 he came out to his birth parents he was gay and they throw him out out onto the streets of NYC. He found himself to one of the few gay homeless shelters for youths in NYC. A friend of my was the director of it and told us about him, It took us time but we got him to come live with us and he been with us for 11 years. After a few years with us we found out he was Sexual, physically and mental abused from age 3 to 15. He is now 27 1/2. Still does not work. But we working on his getting him to go to college and becoming a social worker like my husband. He is very smart.

It seemed that I head a sign on my head that I could not see that said a boy with low self steam come abuse and take advantage of. DOnt worry he will tell nobody and be very loyal to you in return. that was me for a very long time. After being abused in scouting by the scoutmaster I was loyal to him until I was 31 and then throw out for being gay.