2 new meetings in 2 days!

Tonight I am going to Celebrate Recovery (Christian 12-step group) meeting. Last we, I attended, but during "Break Out" sessions (smaller need-specific groups) I had to attend the 1st-timers group.

This week (and from now on, unless I decide to switch groups) I attend the Men's Purity group (Sex Addiction, Porn, etc. - seemed to be the closest fit). I hope I have a chance to share. However my ADD and my overall fear/distrust of Men often gets the better of me. Hoping I can get the courage to share and not retreat.

Saturday, I will be attending a local ASCA meeting. Mixed group (male & female), but should be interesting.

Nervous about both! I will let you know how it goes. MS has definitely prepared me for both!
Hi, good for you. I have experience with ASCA meetings, you can ask me in pm about how it goes if you want. One important thing is you don't have to talk at all, you can only observe, specially on your first meeting. I believe according to the format the only thing you will have to say is your name (and you can use alias) at the start of the meeting.