1970’s response to Public health threats.

lol I have not seen the value to having a truck load of toilet paper and no food. I guess when we get scared our brains do crazy stuff. After my Dad past away I got the job of looking through all the things he had stock piled. There was toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste and shampoo. I still have paper towels left and he past 10 years ago. I have a 2 roll pack of paper towel I may keep as a reminder. I just finished the tooth paste and shampoo a couple of years ago. So I guess stocking up and hoarding has been a problem for a long time when there are troubled times.

Most of my friends parents grew up in the thirties and when they Pass-away you here the same story all the supplies they had stored up, wouldn't throw anything away. Different time but it was a time of great fear. I wish everyone some peace in this try to remain calm and help out you friends and neighbours. Lots are going to be isolated and need things picked up for them. I guess it is a good time to get to know your neighbours.

Wishing all safety as we go through this trying time
Thanks for the smile mani