1 in 6 On line support group


Hey, bluesky - I've been reading and looking at this site for the past year. It's pretty good. Glad you mentioned it - somehow slipped my mind. It's also known as the Bristlecone Project.

Thought I would share this. I haven’t personally tried it yet. The days and times don’t work out for me but maybe will work for someone else.
Just tried out 1 of their groups - lasts 90 minutes. I guess it was a lot like what used to happen here on MS on Sunday Nights (Healing Circle, I think).
they limit it to 10 male participants and a few mods. Strict rules but there for a reason. It was nice. Not a lot of structure beyond the rules - just a lot of sharing. They have meetings 5 days a week.
It's also known as the Bristlecone Project.
The Bristlecone project is something completely different than the online support groups. Bristlecone is interviewing and taking pictures of survivors for a traveling show and website.
I used the chat in the past but haven’t used it since April.


It's a different set of rules to participate with 1in6.org. The biggest difference being that 1in6.org is moderated by a professional therapist fully-licensed in the field. Not that this makes it more credible, but it does make a big difference in how participation and contributions are monitored and how differently participants and volunteers are welcomed and addressed.
Another alternative is RAINN.org.
Regardless of the format and approach, they're all on the same team.