1 in 6 On line support group


Hey, bluesky - I've been reading and looking at this site for the past year. It's pretty good. Glad you mentioned it - somehow slipped my mind. It's also known as the Bristlecone Project.

Thought I would share this. I haven’t personally tried it yet. The days and times don’t work out for me but maybe will work for someone else.
Just tried out 1 of their groups - lasts 90 minutes. I guess it was a lot like what used to happen here on MS on Sunday Nights (Healing Circle, I think).
they limit it to 10 male participants and a few mods. Strict rules but there for a reason. It was nice. Not a lot of structure beyond the rules - just a lot of sharing. They have meetings 5 days a week.
It's also known as the Bristlecone Project.
The Bristlecone project is something completely different than the online support groups. Bristlecone is interviewing and taking pictures of survivors for a traveling show and website.
I used the chat in the past but haven’t used it since April.